Welcome to His Her Money Guide! We’re Alex and Ellie, a 30-something married couple from Australia. We started the site to track progress towards our big dream to reach financial independence and retire in our early 40s with a high passive income from share and property investments.

We’re not just looking for a frugal retirement – we want to make the most of life and world. If you’ve heard about the FIRE movement (Financial Independence, Retire Early) within the personal finance world, then you need to know that we want to belong to the “HiFIRE” (High Income) or “FatFIRE” school of thought. We won’t be cutting back our expenses and lifestyle.

In fact, our expenses in retirement will go up almost five-fold compared to what they are currently! So we need a big asset base to produce a large and sustainable passive income. We’re working hard to make this a reality, with investments in shares and investment properties already locked in.

We’re less about the die-hard theory of saving and hardcore maths. Instead, we’re more about inspiring through practical ideas and easily understood tips. If you’re looking for ways to understand market trend charts, you’re at the wrong place. There are others that go into these details and who do an awesome job of it.

But over here with us you’ll see how we can help you reach your goals of financial independence with our practical personal finance ideas, hints, opinions and hacks. What ideas can you use?

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Alex Ellie

Alex Ellie

We’re Alex & Ellie, a 30-something married couple who started HisHerMoneyGuide to highlight how you can join us and reach financial independence sooner.