Early retirement whys: Fake workplace enthusiasm

Alex Ellie
5 min readMar 23

Some people like their jobs. Others even love their jobs.

I get that it’s possible to want to be at work. And in a lot of ways, I really envy them. Life would have been so much better for the last two decades if I genuinely enjoyed what I did during that cursed 9–5 window, five days a week.

It would make me want to get out of bed during those days. And it might even go as far as completely negate the desire to retire early.

Financial independence would still be a worthy goal. A safety net in case things go wrong (health issues, or if that perfect job or career turn sour and a change is needed). But dedicating ourselves to saving and investing that extra money towards retirement could have been largely redundant.

But I digress.

Workplaces have a weird dynamic where people regularly display eagerness towards extra work and workplace initiatives. Sometimes it’s pointless loopback work. Sometimes it’s not a completely futile task, but efforts could be directed elsewhere to create better impact.

But what I’ve found to be a regular surreal sight is the enthusiasm co-workers display towards these ideas and initiatives.

And if you think these are the people who love their work, my experience is that these are in fact the same co-workers who would be happy to retire early. These are people who would jump at the chance to leave.

So what on earth is going on? It’s time for another dive into the deep end of early retirement whys.

When the boss starts it, invariably others will follow, no matter how stupid it is.

I really don’t fit in here

For a very long time now I’ve seen through the insidious BS that goes on at work.

I’m sure you all have seen butt-kissers and “yes-men” who will loudly and proudly agree with anything the boss says, even if that brain-fart of an idea needs immediate re-shelving.

And I know I’ve said a lot lately about how little motivation I have at work. But I personally have never bought into that level of workplace enthusiasm and beatification of bosses.

Alex Ellie

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