I’m sure we can all agree that the past 20 months have been weird .

Australia has been living in its own bubble, with our home city of Brisbane living in its own sub-bubble. It’s been at times humbling to…

Property prices are booming.

On one hand, that’s great news. As property owners, this year we’ve seen a big jump in the value of our home. You might think we’d be tempted to pop the champagne and break out the tunes.

But not so fast.

Unfortunately the value of our…

They say that disruption always happens faster than expected.

I’m not sure about that.

My parents are still looking for their cheap tickets into care of Pan Am. Segways (aka: “IT” and once hailed as the ‘future of transport’) have yet to change how cities are designed…

In recent times I’ve seen a proliferation of ads on TV urging people to check their credit score. “It could help you negotiate a better deal!” they claim.

In the broader personal finance space, I’ve also regularly seen people touting their credit scores, good or bad.

Clearly this is something…

I really enjoy blogging about our progress towards early retirement, and we’ve said before that interacting with people who read our stuff is the highlight.

But there is one area that irks me when it comes to responding to some people.

It’s not when people question why we do things…

When it comes to writing for the blog, we have some quick-reaction posts that get written and posted within a few days. But we also have a list of blog ideas in the pipeline that we work through and add too.

They can sometimes take months to see the light.

Ellie and I have done something either incredibly stupid, insanely brilliant — but more likely something in between.

We’ve previously banged-on about how we paid off our home loan, and have mentioned in passing that we kept the home loan active in the background as a line of credit,

In a lot of ways I feel rather disengaged at work, and it’s been building up over time. I don’t think any one thing is really to blame. Rather, I think it’s a plethora of factors all culminating.

My work can be challenging at times, but for the most part…

Unless you’re earning money absolutely , the rest of us have to go without something(s) to achieve financial goals. Whether it’s wanting to buy a new TV, afford a holiday, or investing for early retirement, you need to set aside money and save.

You prioritise one thing over…

Alex Ellie

We’re Alex & Ellie, a 30-something married couple from Aus who started www.HisHerMoneyGuide.com to highlight how you can reach financial independence sooner.

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